Weapons of Mass Creation

Around the world war is responsible for ruining hundreds of thousands of lives.

Pistols and rifles, bullets and blades, bombs and bricks have all been used to murder, kill and maim. All of these things are subtractive – they take away. They take away joy, they take away life, they take away peace. 

A tree on the other hand is different. A tree only gives. It gives fruit for the belly and air for our lungs. It gives flowers and their bright colours for the eyes and sweet, sweet aromas for the nose. There is shade to keep the skin cool and the wind blowing through its branches while birds chirp to provide music for our ears. It even provides wood for furniture and houses to protect us.

A tree reaches deep underground and pulls up nutrients and minerals and turns them from stone into plant. Earthworms slide along their roots while spiders and lizards scuttle along its trunk. In the branches, monkeys, squirrels and our avian friends eat, sleep and play. A tree even gives water to the sky and helps bring us rain

The very best part of a tree though, is that you can plant a seed today and that tree can keep growing, keep giving for hundreds of years and, even better is that it will produce more seeds and therefore the potential for more trees as long as it is healthy and happy. Truly a weapon of mass creation.