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Tree Planting Program

At PlantNation one of our goals is to plant one million trees in Africa. It’s a lofty endeavour but we know that with your help we can reach this goal. As a business or as a private individual there are number of fantastic tree planting options available.


  1. For those of you that have a company or business and love the earth and feel as passionate about planting as PlantNation you have the option of sponsoring a day’s (or multi-day) planting event. We create individually tailored programmes for each client that integrates tree planting, education and team building into a fantastic days event that puts smiles on faces, leaves behind the seeds of knowledge and gets trees in the ground. 


  1. You can sponsor trees and have them planted remotely by the great PlantNation team. We have a number of preselected sites around the country that desperately need greening and indigenous trees. 


  1. You can sponsor trees and, if you have a special site in mind, the PlantNation team will join you with our forces and we can go through the planting process together, sharing knowledge as we go. This is a great option if you have a loved one that you would like to commemorate or a special occasion that needs celebrating. Planting a tree with one’s family is a noble endeavour and a beautiful way to create memories.

Volunteer Registrations

PlantNation is involved in various types of programmes. We host tree planting days, river clean ups, community days, school days and many others. These event are always great fun but require a group effort to go really smoothly and the more volunteers we get the easier it is to have a great day helping the underprivileged, getting into nature and planting trees.


We have 3 types of roles that need filling:

  1. Heavy volunteer: typically the type of work we offer to communities involves some heavy lifting. If you like digging holes, moving rocks and trees and just generally being physical then you should be a heavy volunteer.
  2. Lite volunteer: there are always so many things to be done on a site that require a lighter touch. Painting, playing with kids, food prep, flower and vegetable planting, photography and videos and cheer leader, all these elements need enthusiasm and a lite volunteer to make sure they are taken care of.
  3. Satellite volunteer: People often forget how much behind the scenes work is involved to ensure the success of these projects plus not everyone wants to get their hands dirty. Social media, bookkeeping, fundraising and others are the engines that allow these projects to be as successful as they are. If your skills lie more behind a desk than out in the field and you have time then we need you as a satellite volunteer. 

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