Corporate Workshops and Training Sessions

Human beings have been growing plants for about ten thousand years. Before that we wandered the plains, jungles and tundra’s of the world for hundreds of thousands of years under the open skies. Our bodies are deeply connected to the cycles of nature-the seasons, the tides, the circadian rhythms of the planet.

The industrial revolution happened about 250 years ago and the marvellous computer age began a mere 84 years ago. That’s less than a century. While technology is a fantastic boon to human kind it has also lead to some negative effects one of the worst of which is human beings moving from field into factory and from dealing with dirt to dealing with a desk.

Around the world people are spending the majority of their time working hard and being productive and while this is important what we are also seeing is a rise in depression, fatigue and burnout in the work place and this is happening across the board. A scientific meta-analysis of studies found that spending time in the garden and even just having a plant on your desk can have reductions in stress, anger, fatigue, and depression and anxiety symptoms. All of which mean happier more productive staff and a more pleasant working environment.

It’s time to return to nature and reconnect with the planet. PlantNation works with corporates around the country to reconnect their staff back to mother earth. We create fantastic, personalised programmes for corporates that centre around plants and tree planting programs. Indigenous tree planting days, medicinal seed and plant workshops, bonsai building courses and so much more. Our friendly team of facilitators are both knowledgeable and competent and are able to educate as they intermingle with your staff. We pass on our love for plants in the most direct way possible and that’s by physically getting our hands dirty together with you as we green up South Africa together. Our workshops are both entertaining and informative and include team building games and fun group exercises to keep everyone in high spirits because we believe that learning through play is the way and again happy people are productive people. At PlantNation we truly believe that businesses and corporations together with communities and members of the public hold the keys to South Africa’s future so join us as we seed a green revolution and help us change the world.