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Seeding the Revolution

educating our people to not only earn a living but grow one too

farming for a greener future

bringing governments, corporates and communities together to develop and farm underutilized lands in underprivileged areas

We specialise in

educational programs

fruit and nut forrest's

food gardens

animal integrations

functional nature development

permaculture and sustainable living

sustainable eco development

Herb, spice and medicine gardens

water harvesting and rain capturing

solar energy systems

composting and worm farming

community upliftment programs

recycling and regreening


Urban Greeners

we create fully functional & self sustainable spaces that are customised to your needs

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Turn your home into a living, breathing nutritious piece of magic

Reconnect your family and home with mother nature

We specialise in

Private home landscaping

functional nature development

indoor and outdoor artscaping

natural pools & systems

permaculture & sustainable living

rooftop and vertical gardnes

living walls

sustainable eco development

fruit, vegetable, Herb, spice & mdeicine gardens

water features, pots & stone integration

solar energy

water tanks & rain harvesting

grave gardens